Bad Blogger

I swear I really have been busy. I promise. I looked at my last blog posting which was May 4 and counted the days. Oops. I will get back on track. I did though, think that I needed to blog today about my childhood hero.

I am so sad about the death of Michael Jackson. When I think back to all the times growing up that I closed and locked my bedroom door only to look at myself in the sliding glass closet mirrors and teach myself the Thriller dance, it makes me blush because I was SUCH a dork!!

I will forever be greatful to my childhood best friend Tammy and her mom. We went to Indian Springs to shop and she bought me my first Michael Jackson album which was Thriller. I didn't know she bought it for me. She bought one for Tammy and I remember walking through the mall telling Tammy how cool she was and how I was going to save my money to buy my own, when Kathy smiled at me and pulled out TWO albums!! That is when my love affair began with Mr. Jackson.

My wall was plastered with every picture I could get of him. I had the Thriller Jacket and a knock-off Beat It jacket but I was still so cool. Or at least I thought I was. I soaked up everything I could get my hands on and hear. I once was reading about his tour, and now thinking back I am pretty sure I was reading the National Enquirer, and read that he was going to be dropped from a helicopter in a bubble. A BUBBLE. I repeated this crap to all my friends because I was THE authority on MJ. Well, you can imagine the razzing I got from my friends and made fun of because I thought Michael was coming in a bubble. Those were some good times........