Keith Urban

My name is Nikki and I am a Keith Urban fan.

If you know anything about me either knowing me personally, through my posts on facebook or twitter or reading my bio on my website, one might think I am a little crazy for Keith Urban.  People I am not crazy. I truly just enjoy good music.  I am a huge lover of music and if you are too, I am sure there is that one person that just mesh's with you and everything they put out just can turn a frown upside down.  That is the very reason why I heart his music.  We mesh well together.  He would tell you the same.

 I have never missed a show that he has played in Kansas City, at least I better not have.  He had me at the very first concert oh so many years ago at the Beaumont Club.  He had me when I walked down to front row at Sandstone and he sang to me no, he really did :) barefoot on his little carpet.  I haven't missed a show that he has played in Kansas City and then have sprinkled in a few shows here and there around the good ole US of A.  See, it is not so bad I am depriving my four children and hubby.  It is, what has been the past few years, an indulgence that I treat my sister to for her birthday.  No, it doesn't matter when her birthday is, if his tour is coming WE ARE GOING no matter what the month.  I have her hooked.  After the first few shows where I didn't care who went I just had to go, turned into I had to share my love with somebody and get them hooked on the Keith Urban drug as was I.  Let's not also mention the fact I have attempted and failed 18 times with Backstage Experiences.  (gasp)  God help me if I win one to Australia  or Canada.  I might have some splaining to do to  Mr. Gravatt.  lol.

Friday night was no exception, except that this time I actually convinced my friend Ali to join us so she could also experience what I wish everyone would experience with me and we took my 9 year old niece, Emma.  Just what is this "experience" that I speak of?  Well, let me tell you...........

It is happiness.  It is melodic beauty coming into your ears.  It is rock and roll.  It is country.  It is confetti in the air.  It is passion.  It is a living thing that gets in your soul and stays there floating.  It is a euphoric high that you don't come off of for days.  It is a feeling you want to follow him to the next city because you know it is in driving distance.  It is magical.

Yes, I was standing at the front of the stage, but I have stood in all areas of arenas to watch him and it is the same experience every time.  He draws you in from the first second and you can't help but explode with wanting to let loose and just be uninhibited at a concert.  He is heartfelt, he is welcoming, he shows his love.  I mean, first off, who stands there and tells everyone that security isn't going to be bothering anybody because this is his fans night to have a good time.  He wants you to stand on chairs and be as obnoxious as you want.  Those are his words!  Also, who takes ten minutes out of a concert to read fan's posters they have made and then bring someone on stage who at the very least thought they were going to be making a sign to show their love and then in a whirlwind has that adorableness hugging you on stage?!  This tour is all about his fans.  His stage is a ramp.  A ramp......don't think I didn't want to go all 80's rock on him and rush the stage and tackle him.  But the two concerts this year I have been to it hasn't happened.  He walks well actually he kind of is a fast jaunt through the crowd to another stage to get closer to the fans who aren't in front.  He is mauled, clawed and practically molested but he still does it.  He goes not once, but twice!  The second time he goes usually further out on the side or the back of the arena and stands on a chair sings and then gives his guitar to someone!  His guitar.  Now It truly is something you have to be a part of.

Can I give his band some love?  Every single one of them had a small solo and I heart them too.  They can sing their asses off.  We got a little bit of U2, Tom Petty and frickin ACDC!  And then a little Paul McCartney was also thrown in there.  Do I have you wanting some yet? LOL!

Oh, Keith Urban.  Your music makes me happy.  Your music makes me more productive when I am editing 750 pictures from a senior session.  Your concerts make me dance.  Your concerts leave my voice gone the next day.  Your concerts make me smile reminiscing with my 16 year old daughter of all the moments he smiled at us or we sang to each other.  I sang You're Gonna Fly with him and he smiled and nodded his head at me.  Ahhhhhhh.  Or let's reminisce when he patted his heart and opened his arms up to my 9 year old niece.    She cried.  She hasn't stopped talking yet about it.  Your concerts make me want to write a 1000 word essay on my love of Keith Urban and his "experience".

So until next time Mr. Urban, I say to you, these are the days I will remember.........  

Oh and I can't leave without sharing my love, love, love of this new video.

Or a couple pics from the concert :)

Taylor {Piper High School}

Meet Miss Taylor!  She is a 2012 Senior Model and she rocked her session out!  Taylor wanted a little bit of country mixed with some city, so we did just that.  I love a session when we head to the country and the evening turns into the most perfect sunset with the most perfect light.  Taylor got exactly that.  Isn't she lovely?!

Kelsey {St. Thomas Aquinas}

Up today on the blog is Kelsey!  She is from St. Thomas Aquinas and was such a delight to photograph.  She is a 2012 Senior Model and I couldn't be happier for her to represent Nicole Renee!  We stomped around the west bottoms and she is a beauty.  Be sure if you see her to ask her for a rep card because there are some special discounts she has to pass along!!!