I am woman. Hear me roar.

Today, I feel the need to talk about a part of my photography that causes quite a stir.  This is also a part of my photography that I absolutely love.  With that being said, there are so many misconceptions about what exactly it is.  I have clients that are so so proud of their images and have actually cried when they saw their images.  Does this sound like something that is wrong or personal or sleezy?  People have a predetermined idea of what glamour or boudoir looks like and it just isn't the same these days.  It is a wonderful area of photography that doesn't deserve the stigma of what it has.

If you follow me on facebook or have looked at my website, I have a section called "be{YOU}tiful".

What is be{YOU}tiful?

be{YOU}tiful is............. what they see 
they are a busy mom.  they are kind, funny and they worry about their weight.
they used to feel pretty, they criticize their wrinkles, they are passionate, they are humble, 
loving and they are courageous.  they want to always
remember what deep down they see in themselves.

be{YOU}tiful is.............what I see
they are radiant.  they are charming.
they are breathtaking.  they are intoxicating.
they are passionate when they talk about their kids.  
they sparkle when they laugh.

I believe that we as women need to celebrate who we are.  It has been hard for me to get to this point in my life where I realize that it’s okay to just be me.  I truly feel that every woman big or small, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and on should know that they are be{YOU}tiful.  Every woman in their life deserves to feel special and deserves a portrait of themselves.

So next time you see a portrait of a be{YOU}tiful lady come across your feed on facebook, or on your instagram, twitter or on a photographer's website, tell them they are beautiful.   Don't be a bully and call them inappropriate names.   Those women weren't there to spread their legs and do a shoot to be in the next edition of Playboy.  They did it because they wanted to celebrate who they are.  They wanted to feel be{YOU}tiful for themselves as well as their husbands or finances or loved one.  They did it because they are proud of being a be{YOU}tiful woman.  

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