Noah the National History Bee Contender

Today I would like to introduce you to Noah. 
This past summer I had the chance to photograph him and his awesome family while on vacation at our favorite camping spot, Tablerock Lake.  Some things I learned about Noah in the short amount of time I spent photographing him:  1.  He doesn't like getting his picture taken.  2.  He is quite the jokester.  3.  (And ladies listen up)  He is a ladies man.

Let's just say he really didn't want me to photograph him and he really didn't want me to photograph him by himself.  So what happens when that goes on during a shoot?  I pull out the jokes and start talking to him and just do my thing.  Well, in the course of all this, I did my think and decided I needed to make him laugh and made the comment that I was gonna push him down the hill and we were gonna go rolling and I bet at the end he would be laughing.  The next thing that happened was one of the most hillarious but embarassing things a young man of his age has ever said to me -- "I think I would like that."   Myself along with his mom and dad, Lori and Denny laughed quite hard but the best thing is I got my sweet shot of Noah SMILING.  Good story.  :)

Here is the exciting thing about Noah I found out today:  Noah and another Piper Middle School student, Jacob Sharp are heading to Wichita today to compete in the National History Bee.  They competed against over 1000 kids in the opening test round and made the 10th percentile in their region. This covers all US and world history.  This is so awesome and such an accomplishment!  I wish them both the best of luck today!  You two have made Piper proud!!!!

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